Wifi and Internet


Torbay digital can install commercial and domestic grade WiFi to boost and distribute signals around your whole home or business to ensure all your smart devices can communicate as they should.



We can install commercial grade WiFi for all size properties, utilising a roaming or mesh network you can have seamless internet connection over your whole building no matter how big.

Torbay digital can also setup and remotely manage your WiFi connection to make sure you never have any problems in the future.




Are you struggling to get WiFi over your whole house or in certain rooms or areas?

let Torbay digital help you by installing access points around your home to extend your WiFi network and keep you connected.






Wireless bridge

Torbay digital can take your internet connection and send it wirelessly (line of sight) to your outbuildings, or non connected property.

You would be amazed how far we can send your signals whilst maintaining high speed internet.

Structured Cabling

We can install your network cables or cat5 to create a hardwired home or business network for the fastest speeds and reliability when it really matters.